SPONSOR – Falcon Equine

Falcon Equine Feeds is a family run feed business dedicated to the formulation of a range of top quality feeds suitable for the first pony through to the international competition horse. We are proud sponsors of Emile Faurie and his team of horses.

Falcon Equine Feeds have had a great relationship working alongside Emile for many years now. It has been fantastic to work with such a dedicated rider and team who not only produce such amazing results but have so much involvement with charity work across the country, in particular, the Emile Faurie Foundation.

Falcon Equine Feeds works with Emile to provide dietary appraisals for all his horses, we love it when we hear from students of Emile’s, where he has recommended our feeds and we are able to extend our services to customers all over the world.

The main feed that Emile’s horses thrive on is Falcon Equine Feeds Oat and Barley Fee Mix. This contains high levels of essential fibre for correct and natural digestive health as well as high levels of digestible oil for the slow release of energy needed for excellent concentration and performance. Falcon’s Oat and Barley Free Mix contains NO whole cereals, this makes it the perfect complete feed for horses that can become ‘hot-headed’ when fed traditional hard feeds but who still require enough energy to undergo the competitive workload asked of them. Oat and Barley Free Mix is fortified with elevated levels of vitamins and minerals essential for the competitive horse as well a probiotic that is at the forefront of scientific research.

It is a joy to work with the team at Heath Farm and see the results our feeds contribute too.


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