SPONSOR – Cyclo-ssage

The Cyclo-ssage Pro Equine Massage System comprises eighteen massage motors positioned in line with the main muscle groups along the horses back, shoulder, hindquarters and neck. There is no magnetic field – making the System safe to use on a wide range of horses. The state of the art Massage System was re-worked and re-launched in 2008 with some major improvements including the addition of a detachable neck piece and the extension of the massage units to work the important shoulder and hindquarter areas of the horse.

Easy to use in every way – the System operates using a number of programs, which enable the user to vary the intensity of the massage, this ensures horses are introduced gradually to the Massage System and offers the opportunity to allow the horse to relax in peace when necessary. Lightweight, the System is distributed evenly across the body to alleviate any pressure points or discomfort. This, combined with the quiet massage motors, ensure the System does not feel alien to the horse – reducing the risk of uneasiness. The breathable, mesh fabric along the spine and crest of the neck means that the horse does not overheat when using the product and the elasticated cross-surcingles, together with adjustable rear leg straps ensure the motors are pulled close to the horse to get the maximum benefit. As well as this the chest straps are double expandable to allow each system to be used on as wide a size range as possible, similarly, the fillet string is very adjustable. The Pro Equine System can be supplied with a handy carry bag, and also features a removable fleece lining for easy cleaning.

Emile says :

‘My top horse Max – as you all know – can be very tense especially at the big internationals.  I have tried many things including magnetic rugs to help him relax his muscles etc.  I have had the cyclossage system for 2 months and WILL NOT go anywhere without it. I can’t tell you the difference it has made to Max.  It is the first thing on the checklist to make sure we have it with us at all times. 

Hannah Biggs says :

has had the same results and when Hannah is here training, our horses are very happy standing together in their kit – We have had huge success lately scoring well over 70% at Internationals and I know this equipment has helped Max enormously’.

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