Emile Faurie and Hof Kasselman

In March 2017, Emile announced his appointment as Training Supervisor and Rider with Hof Kasselmann – the renowned centre of excellence for international dressage.

The official engagement marked the culmination of Emile’s collaboration with Hof Kasselmann over a number of years and formalised a remit for Emile to supervise and train Hof Kasselmann’s riders; develop and compete Hof Kasselman’s horses and cemented his involvement in the world-famous P.S.I. (Performance Sales International) competition horse auctions.

The close relationship with Hof Kasselmann also provides Emile with direct access to a pool of top quality dressage talent, allowing him to continue to compete on the international circuit and hopefully, realise his dreams of once again standing on the Olympic winners’ podium.

Emile works closely with the Kasselmanns to continue the pioneering work that Ullrich (Ulli) began when he took over the reins of the family farm 1972, transforming it into the cutting-edge equestrian business that it is today.

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