SPONSOR – Equine SunSwitch

Equine SunSwitch is the UK’s leading designer of solariums, horse dryers and stable heating, supplying yards and horse-owners at home and abroad. This family-run business has been in existence for well over a decade and is Trading Standards approved.  

We are proud to sponsor Emile Faurie and his Foundation, which gets right to the heart of helping young people experience the joy and discipline of being around horses.

Everyone at Equine SunSwitch is involved with horses in one way or another and understands the particular needs of both horse and rider.  To this end, SunSwitch solariums are designed to be wall mounted, making them less scary for horses, and more user-friendly than canopy models. They do not require stocks allowing easy access for the handler, and freedom of movement for the horse.  Powerful and robust, these solariums and stable heaters have controls to adjust the heat and session times, and they are perfectly safe to use in wet areas, like washdown bays. 

Equine SunSwitch advises and specifies for high-end whole-yard projects, as well as owners with just one pony to manage.


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